Sunday, May 20, 2012


How beautiful is this?!


I just really do love typewriters and all things vintage! I own a typewriter but it is nothing like this beauty. If i owned this typewriter i fear my computer would start growing cobwebs... i would be on my patio poking away at this gorgeous creation until my fingers bled. 
Note to self;  Reasearch painting old typewriter pink, find out if it's more cost effective then just buying one straight off.

Anyway I'm sure you didn't come here to read about typewriters, you came to read about our adoption.  
Sadly as often happens in the adoption world i have no new news. With a process so long, more then half of it is waiting and not knowing and not having much news to share.

Can't wait to build him a bookwall like one of these!
I haven't been working on any of  the 'z-dazzling' projects yet   but i have been starting him a library collection! He already has a massive amount of books thanks to super cheap thrift stores and a bargain hunting mommy! I am wanting to build him an entire bookwall in his room so he is going to need a lot of books to fill those shelves!

Besides that though no more Leon news or projects to report.

As for me... I have fallen off the nutrisystem wagon! I fell off due to my oh so adorable niece spending the night, I was having so much fun and fell into old habits and decided to have some ice cream with her, one thing led to another and i was quickly out of control!
As of yesterday though, I am back on the path to health! Lets hope i stay on it this time!!

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