Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby name reveal!


Well today I have an exciting announcement! Well, exciting to me at least. My husband and I have finally come to a conclusion about what to name our little soon to be son, while yes we are still rather early in the game it's nice to have something to call him. Previously he was known as baby 'Z' as we were nearly certain we were going to name him * Zack * short for Zaccheus, well, needless to say that is out of the question now. Our families were all " Don't name him that " and " heavens thats awful " so much so that we questioned the name to the point of hating it ourselves.

Life always has a way of knowing whats best! So we have fallen in love with a new name, and know without a doubt that this name is the name of our little boy.


How adorable is this name! It's so cute, and retro and it hasn't got around too much and it's not a bizarre sounding name!

We are going to officially name him Leonard -len-urd- yes, i know, it's not a 'cool' name, but we aren't cool folks! I just think it has such a sweet old fashioned feel to it. We plan to call him Leon 90 percent of the time though.

So thats that! The name is out there. Middle name? Oh gosh, that's going to take me at LEAST a month to figure out. Good thing i have 2 years till Leon is here!

I wonder if I can change my blogs name, feels odd that it is called 'Adopting Z' When he is now an L!


  1. Leon is a beautiful name. A strong name - I like those. We kept our son's given name as his middle name, I like having that bit of his birth-country heritage as part of his name.

    1. Thank you so much, and thanks for the comment! I loved that idea as well, I was thinking of doing it, boy names are so hard, would save some work as well as keeping his heritage within the name.