Thursday, November 3, 2011

Too cool dinnerware!

Another stuff post!

I was browsing about today and stumbled upon the cutest finds ever for babies eating hour!

First i came across the CUTEST thing ever. A runway bib and airplane spoon that light up! HOW CUTE! I can pretty much hear you going aaawwww right now. I am too. And it is only 14.99 at

This set by Skip Hop is so cute. Its 12 bucks on amazon

A train? Trust me it belongs in this dinnerware post. Notice anything on the wheels? Yes! A fork! This train comes apart and becomes an entire dinnerware set. It is quite possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen, and thus, is a must buy! Its called FunWares Chew-Chew Train Place Setting and is 16 bucks on amazon.

I love this set, however i think it's pretty pricey. Like 5-10 dollars per piece. Its the vintage alphabet dishware.

This ones my second fav. Sold by Its about 17 bucks

Innobaby din din stainless steel bus plate retails for 17 bucks at Gotta have some stainless steel ( I love stainless steel :P )

Reed & Barton Zoom Zoom 2-Piece Baby Flatware Set which is pretty pricey but so cute. Its 25 bucks for the set.

To go with the rest of the stainless steel/silver stuff, i would choose this cup by Lisa Jenks Baby, sold on amazon for about 12 bucks! Its pretty darn cute!

Adoption class 1/5

So yesterday we attended our adoption class, it was our first day out of five days. It was awesome, the people are fantastic. It was so interesting to learn about all of the different countries everyone is adopting from. We are the only Congo bound parents! I have to admit i was a teeny tiny bit disappointed in that. I was hoping to connect with someone who was going through exactly what I was or even someone who was ahead of me in the journey so i could get an idea of what to expect. Currently I don't have any congo mommies to talk to. I tried to befriend one on facebook, I have been following her blog, but she didn't accept I am on my own for now!

When i first got to the class ( we were SO early ) we started noticing that as more and more couples came in that we were the youngest. I admit it had me feeling a little out of place. Most seemed rather established as they were in their late 30s or even older! ( I am 25, but i am constantly told that i look far younger than that ) We got a few stares, but once people got to know us they realized that we weren't a couple of crazy kids, acting on whim, we are serious and passionate about our adoption and want this just as much as they do. I can't even speak enough about how lovely the people were, I definitely don't mind doing another 4 classes with them!

We also talked to the social workers about some of our fears and worries. What a relief to have them calm our doubts. ( Doubts about ourselves, not our adoption ) I finally have begun to feel like this is truly going to happen for us. We are going to finally get the chance to become parents. We CAN and WILL do this!