Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our first big purchase!

So i have to be up in a few short hours, to attend school... but I am really excited because tomorrow....My husband and I are going to pick up baby Z's CRIB! Yes, we already bought it, hahaha. I am a little too excited. Over the weekend I have been doing much planning ( I love dreaming up ideas, and plans ) so expect many stuff posts in the future.

Although i am a little depressed that i STILL haven't managed to finish these immigration forms. I have got to finish them, like asap. I did however get the rest of the forms for our other agency filled out and signed and paid, now all i need to do is send em off! Can't wait to be done with all this paper work.

Anyway back to the crib. We found it on craigslist! It's a steal of a deal! Totally amazing!!!

It's the lollipop crib by AP industries but it's in dark brown/black not white.. it retails for about 650-750. BUT, i found it for 250 including mattress and of course NO TAX! WOO HOO....Have i mentioned how much i love craigslist. teehee. We may have even found sock monkey bedding...just waiting to hear back from the lady about it.
So yes, tmw we set out to retrieve the crib, i am dying with excitement. Having a crib makes it all feel so real.

Plus i can have my niece or nephews over for a sleepover in the meantime!! XD

I am also really excited to report that I am embarking upon a new journey of sorts....a DIET. So now this is going to be my weightloss/adoption blog! How fun! I figure it will probably help me to get in good shape so that when i finally do become a mother, my weight won't be slowing me down.

Anyway, more on weight loss soon! Wish me luck with everything!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Planning babies room

I love looking at crib bedding...especially when i know I will have a little someone soon to sleep with it. It's even more fun to look at stuff i will soon be buying now that I know we will be getting our little guy soon.

So I have decided to do a sock monkey theme for baby Z's room! Actually it's more of a retro vintage toy theme with sock monkey's as the primary focus.

I have fallen in love with this bedding:

I believe it can be found on is expensive so i would probably try to make it myself or i will create a similar version of it on for half the price!

I also adore this one, which is much cheaper. I love the material of the sheets and how it looks like sock monkey material! Soooo cute. Found @ I also ADORE that bike wall hanging above the bed, but can't for the life of me locate it :(

I really like the color scheme of this one...and i like that the sock monkeys seem bigger...maybe it's just my imagination though. Found @

This red changing pad cover is gorgeous, and is sold from for 39 bucks. They have other colors, including the cute sock monkey material! They have so much cute sock monkey stuff on that site. Lamps, rocking chair covers...but i don't want to overdo it, sock monkey can go from cute to tacky pretty darn quick!

Ah yes, the classic red wagon. What retro room would be complete without this! I plan to also use it to hold toys and stuffies in his room. It's by radio flyer, retails for about 78 bucks, i found one at wal-mart, but you can probably find them anywhere. They even have a matching umbrella for it~ which i probably wont get as it doesn't look like it would protect from a downpour very well.

As evidenced in the first nursery photo, it is imperative that i own this bike for my son! It's too perfect not to have. It retails for 200 bucks, it's by ' airflow collections' and its the sky king trike in red. I haven't found anywhere in my area where i can purchase one, so most likely i will be traveling to obtain one. It'll be so worth it though!

For dressers i am just going to find something black that looks similar to this on craigslist, for under 200 bucks.

I also want to get one of these tall skinny dressers for the corner. They don't take up too much room since they are tall instead of wide. They would be great for storing away socks/hats/gloves/bibs/pjs/ onesies/ recieving blankets. Could find one on craigslist for under 100 bucks im sure. This one in particular is from

I also want to get a hanging hutch like the one above the desk in this photo or shelf unit to hang above his dresser ( The wide dresser ) Again i am going to try to be super cheap and scour craigslist till i locate one.

Crying.....Tears of joy.

I don't even know how to begin this post really. I'd just like to say that off to a fantastic start. The sky looks brighter, the trees look greener, everything today looks more beautiful, more magical, as if i am seeing it for the first time. I actually moved my favorite chair to the window just so i could sit there and appreciate a world I couldn't be happier to be in.

Why the sudden mood swing, and all the rambling about the beauty of our world?
It's simple isn't it?

I am going to be a mother.

In other words..... We are APPROVED.

Our homestudy isn't quite complete we still have 2 more visits, but our social worker so graciously told us yesterday during our homestudy that she will be approving us and that she has complete faith that will will be fantastic parents.

I could hardly believe her words as she was speaking them. I thought i had begun to hallucinate. I turned so fast to look at my husband to see if he heard it to, and he was as i am now. Eyes softened, teeth exposed and stretched into the hugest smile that i have ever seen.

This was the moment we have waited for for 5 years. To know that finally, it's our turn, that our waiting is nearly at an end. That there is a little baby out there who will someday be joining our family. To say this was the single greatest moment of my life would not be a lie.

So i sat there grinning stupidly, willing her to wrap things up so that i could explode with joy. Nearly the second she left i just stood there, waiting for my husband to say it. And the words came, no, danced, the words danced from his lips. " WE ARE APPROVED!" He shrieked with joy. I of course shrieked back. For awhile we just stood there giggling, shrieking, and smiling with joy and hugging and kissing each other.

Then came the dancing. Lol. We danced around the house in celebration. It came to an end however when i realized i needed to call everyone who would listen!

To think, I am this excited about getting approved, I can not imagine how i am going to feel once we have a proposal. Ha!