Sunday, April 22, 2012

Projects for baby Z's room!

Hello again!

So i went to Ikea for the first time ever, and i am officially in LOVE with ikea. How affordable is that place!!!!! I can pretty much furnish my entire sons room at hardly any cost at all and have money left for important things; TOYS!- Hahaha, or you know, a college fund or whatever...

I went there spent 150 bucks and got a toybox, highchair, table set with 2 chairs, a end table and a soft toy!

Only downside to ikea stuff;

Somethings are just downright ugly:

Yes i did buy that. It's a toybox...or more likely just a really really ugly box! Never fear, i have some pretty intense plans for this box! I am going to make it suitable for my little angel. I am going to call it ; pimp that box! No? What about; Z-dazzlin'. Dazzlin up everything ugly into things of pure perfection for my soon to be son- and doing it on the cheap! I am determined to be a super cheap, super crafty mom, and yet not sacrifice anything in the process, i will have it all!

So stay tuned for ths project of mine.

I also bought the matching table and chair set for his room, which will be my next project.

Followed by this end table ( don't actually know why i bought this or what i am going to do with it, it was 10 dollars so i couldn't resist! )

And lastly i finally decided on a highchair for my son; the blames from ikea. It's actually pretty gorgeous, while being simple, and matching my house, and being wooden and of course, CHEAP! It was everything i was looking for and more, so of course; I bought it :D I don't think i have much to do to fix it up, it looks perfect as is. I might do something though just to make it special...we'll see.

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