Friday, February 10, 2012


Sorry for the lack of decent updates, the hubby and I have been busy little beavers as of late. Currently we are trying to gather everything for the Dossier and it is turning out to be something of a challenge.

One of the things you need for the dossier is a criminal clearance from your local police station, written on a letterhead, stating that you are free of criminal activity. This little document has given us more trouble then anything else so far. There doesnt seem to be an officer willing to do this for us, even though when you think about it, writing a simple one sentence letter is not that hard.

We did however manage to get another document for travelling that basically states we are criminal free, so it is kind of like what our Agency requested, I just hope they accept it, because we paid quite a bit to get it, and we had to REDO our criminal checks in order to get it.

I actually had to leave school early in order to make it to the station before it closed, otherwise i wouldnt have been able to get it for over a month as I am in school for 26 days in a row, for 14 hours a day! Luckily we made it about 5 minutes before close, and they had forgotten to give us the travellers clearance paper, which was the reason we got the criminal checks in the first place! Weasles, I tell ya!

We also got our doctors written letters. Which was another slight struggle. But what is adoption without struggle!

I must say though, it feels amazing to be powering through all of this. We have nearly collected everything we need except for our completed homestudy report and our passports. Once we recieve that, we pretty much just need to notarize, and then SEND! Once it's sent it is pretty much just waiting, and waiting some more for a picture of our sweet angel! I CANT WAIT! It won't be long till i have his photograph, and until i can see my son, and say that i actually have a son!!

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